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The Story of
MON PETIT MEUBLE FRANCAIS officially starts in September 2018 with a magnificent vernissage-exhibition during Paris Design Week in Eric Gizard's gallery where the first pieces of the EGEE collection are presented.

For the record, Eric Weiler took over with a partner in 2010 the French furniture manufacturer GONTIER, renowned since 1920 for its know-how and the quality of its stylish and contemporary solid furniture. 
With MON PETIT MEUBLE FRANÇAIS we only offer exceptional design furniture with "signature" collections designed by great designers.

Our furniture is 100% made in France and finished only upon receipt of the order. They take a "premium" position in a furniture market that is overwhelmingly marked by standard imported products, in kit form, not very ecological and often unsustainable.
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We are particularly committed to:
the quality:
we deliver furniture made with noble species: ash, oak and cherry. We only buy wood qualities 1 and 1+. The craftsmanship ensures the robustness and very long life of your furniture. The finishing is always done manually and piece by piece. By receiving furniture already assembled in the workshop by professionals, you will see the difference day after day with standard furniture purchased in series and delivered  "ready to assemble".

we have chosen to select French designers with different talents and sensitivities offering furniture with clean lines and highlighting the natural beauty of wood. Eric Gizard, with his EGEE collection, sublimates the furniture thanks to very fluid lines and a very beautiful palette of muted colors.
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