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design Eric Gizard

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French Designers

"From Eric's interventions we retain above all an impression of elegance and harmony. Beyond the general impression, we pay attention to these astonishing and refined imprints, distilled both in the places he creates and in the objects he draws..." Andrée Putman 

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Delivery & installation

Each single piece of furniture we provide is made in France and departs from France.

We deliver and install in the room for the following countries: Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, U.K. Switzerland.

Your piece will be protected under a blanket to avoid any micro-scratches. 

For all other countries, the delivery is "door to door". Solid wood furniture is heavy, we recommand you to carry only 20 kg / 45 lbs per adult person max. For European deliveries, the piece of furniture will be wrapped in a specific blanket. For overseas freight, all pieces will be packed and shipped in a wooden box. 

Duties and taxes outside of the European Union will be charged to the customer.

Our furnitures are always assembled in our workshops. Please check that your entrance doors, lifts or stairs are large enough to unload and carry easily your furniture.

An average lead time of 5 weeks is noted before shipment for production and finish purposes. The shipment time itself depends on the final destination. 

Please take time to check your piece of furniture by the arrival and write down all reservations to the carrier. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any doubt.