with the color configurator...

included in each product page, you visualize your furniture in different colors. 11 colors are available.

Just click on the colored circles next to the photo of the furniture to see it.


We draw your attention to the color differences between 2 different screens and, of course, the difference between the color as you see it on your screen and the same color when applied to your piece of furniture. Colors are always slightly different,

We are committed to a very high quality finish with very successful and deep colors. You will not be disappointed.

YOUR color

If you do not find your favorite color among the colors offered in the configurator, contact us to send us your wishes.


Any support to specify your project will be welcome: sketch, color chart, internet links, photos, pieces of wood or HTML code of your favorite color.



If necessary, we will develop a new color especially for you and your furniture.

a wooden sample

After we develop your color, we will make a first application on wood.

You  will then receive a wood sample with the requested color.

We wait till you will confirm it before finishing your furniture.


We will charge extra 100€ + shipping of your sample for your specific color.