All craftsmen we selected for the manufacture and finish of our furniture are located in the west of France and renowned for their expertise.


They perform a very high quality work on solid wood and veneered cabinetry. They have been around for more than 50 years and we have been working together for over 5 years.


The tree blocks all come from France and are selected in qualities 1 and 1+ from French sustainably managed forests.


The pieces of wood are machined with traditional manual machines (moulder, camber, router, tenoner, beller, etc ..) and manually checked before assembly of the furniture.

The traditional cabinetry methods make it possible to build our pieces with dovetail, tenon-mortise or groove-tongue guaranteeing the quality and durability of your furniture.


The finishing process requires an optimal sanding of the parts for a very careful application of the wood by spray or brush. 



We then install the ornamental hardware and check again finish with a systematic visual and manual quality control before shipping.


We verify all manufacturing and finishing points with the opening of doors, drawers and removing shelves if necessary.