Eric Gizard: very elegant and sleek design

"Eric's interventions are, above all, an impression of elegance and harmony, and beyond the general impression, we pay attention to these astonishing and refined prints, distilled both in the places he creates and in the objects he draws Eric Gizard likes to warm the contemporary by organizing the light according to the shadows.When he takes on his role as a designer, we find him inspired by his French culture of decorative arts and his creative originality. his taste for simple and fluid forms, obvious and yet unpublished. " Andrée Putman

Eric launches with his new EGEE collection a collection 100% French pure, beautiful, timeless and a stunning but very misleading simplicity.


The lines, dimensions and colors chosen for this multifunctional furniture completely correspond to the new ways of life. The 9 standard colors proposed for each piece of furniture dress up their furniture with magnificent "short pants". The tray and the base of each piece of furniture is covered with a veil of white color and a protective varnish. These features involve a masking of each part of the furniture. A very precise work is necessary during the finishing, especially around the demarcations of whitened and colored areas.

Every piece of EGEE furniture adopts an inclined base without hardware, no foot protrudes from the board to avoid getting caught in the furniture. The section of the feet and the thicknesses of the tray guarantee a sure support and a long life to your furniture.

Eric has chosen solid ash for its purity and soft veining that makes you want to pass the hand. The ash immediately seduces for its slightly grayish whiteness which emphasizes the purity of the Scandinavian minimalist design of this collection of furniture.

The result is stunning with quality, softness and precision! the perceived quality of EGEE is only fully appreciated at its touch.

Discover all its finesse and authenticity in Eric's showroom in Paris

nouvelle collection 2018 créée par Eric Gizard pour MON PETIT MEUBLE FRANCAS

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