Warranty and Care

Each piece of furniture is guaranteed for 3 years against any defect of manufacture, assembly and finishing. Read the terms of sales for more details on legal warranties and commercial guarantees.


As we are certain that you will be satisfied with our furniture, we offer a commercial guarantee superior to the legal guarantee, . Each furniture manufacturing is done locally by French craftsmen of whom we are sure. Quality control is done before each departure. 


Solid wood is very easy to maintain with a slightly damp cloth and does not like to be exposed near heat sources or too much humidity. Also avoid strong direct UV exposure (eg behind a bay window) and heavy use of cleaning products containing chemical agents.


Are excluded from our warranty, color variations related to the nature of the wood and its oxidation. The given colors of the furniture of the site are given as an indication. The final result varies depending on your screen and the piece of wood on which they are applied. The singularity of the pieces of wood that make up your furniture and the craftsmanship made make your furniture unique.