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Secretary Desk in ash wood


Width 90 x Height 125 x Depth 46

Weight 66 kg

Height of the feet: 35 cm


The Kube itself measures 90x90x46 cm

Useful Height behind the hinged doors: 37 cm

Width of each compartment behind the doors: 42 cm

(useful 38 cm due to the hinges)

The vertical interior separation can be moved (during manufacture) to allow the installation of printers with a width> 42 cm.


The secretary has on the upper working part: 1 flap with "push-loose" opening to place computer and smartphone and a storage space inside the cube.


The interior layout of this niche behind the flap is free.

The 2 shelves and the 2 vertical storage "boxes" are supplied "flat" with the secretary and can only be installed if you wish.

You can decide not to have any interior fittings to put a large screen for example or to install only some of the shelves and boxes provided.


In the lower part, 2 hinged doors with "push-to-release" type opening give access to 1 shelf behind each door and a vertical separation.

The shelves are removable on cleats.

Cable ducts are provided in the niche behind the flap and at the back of each low removable shelf.


The colors of the interior elements: shelves, storage boxes, hinge covers are identical to the colors of the front.

The inner dimensions of the KUBE are shown on the last image of each color.


This piece of furniture is part of the ÉGÉE collection, designed by the Parisian designer Eric GIZARD who adopts the refined codes of Scandinavian design combining natural materials and sober lines by adding very beautiful muted and very "trendy" colors.

Secretary Desk - KUBE concept

SKU: EG3-005

if you would like another colour, other dimensions or have any questions ..we are here to help !